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Let's flow together, share, and motivate each other! 

We are starting our #flowwithspica series on IG and our first guest teacher is beloved Kim Terpstra from Amsterdam.

What is #flowwithspica series?

Each month we will team up with a yoga teacher and pick a subject to practice. For the first 3 weeks, we will post a few yoga positions on our IG account as well as on our website and the last week of the month there will be a 45 minutes yoga class combining these positions. 

It’s open to all levels. Either you are a newbie or an experienced yogi, you will find variations of each pose to deepen your practice. 

Let's make it more fun!

We want to motivate each other to practice yoga and spread this motivation. This can’t be fun without you participating and sharing this movement. So of course at the end of the month there will be a GIVEAWAY where you can win a €100 store coupon. 

How to participate?

  1. Follow @wearespica on Instagram
  2. Comment on one of the #flowwithspica posts which heart opener pose is your favorite
  3. Tag some friends you like to practice yoga with
  4. Post a picture of you in your favorite heart opener pose and tag #flowwithspica

What is the subject of November?

We dedicated November to heart openers / backbends. Here is our plan for November.

Week 1: Puppy pose & Cobra/Upward facing dog
Week 2: Camel pose & Bow pose
Week 3: Bridge & Wheel pose 
Week 4: Backbend class incl. all poses 


Benefits of backbends / heart openers:

Backbends help stretching your shoulders, chest, and abdominals while strengthening your muscles in the back. As a result, it also increases spinal flexibility.

Backbends can also help you heal emotional blocks. Heart openers offer so much emotional healing because they make us feel vulnerable. Instinctively, we want to hunch our shoulders and bow our heads. This is a natural defense mechanism against the world. But heart openers counter human nature by taking us outside our comfort zone in a safe, healing space. And the results can be transformative.

Week 1: Puppy pose & Cobra/Upward facing dog

  • Part 1 of your backbend practice start with some cat cow poses to warm up the whole spine. 
  • A puppy pose variation with the blocks is nice to open the shoulders. In classic puppy pose, place your forehead on the floor. When you have enough space, pull your hearth forward and place your chin on the mat. A deep variation on the fingertips can be the next step to stretch sides even more. 
  • For cobra pose, place your hands besides your ribs. Focus on lengthening the spine and lifting the chest. Don’t crunch your lover back!
  • For your upward facing dog, pull up high and lift your tights.

Have fun!

In this video, Kim is wearing our Vega dark purple legging & bra 🌟

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