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As many of you already know this month we teamed up with beloved Kim Terpstra and prepared a heart opener video series for November 🧡

Here is our week 2 video with camel pose and bow pose 🌟

 Week 2: Camel pose & Bow pose

  • We start opening the upper back by laying over your blocks.
  • Then find some opening in the hips by moving back and forth in lunge. If you feel comfortable, you may pull your foot to your hip.
  • Take a moment sitting on your heels. Open your heart and upper back.
  • Come on your knees for camel pose and rotate your shoulders. Tuck your toes under, place your hands on your lower back and lift up and over. Maybe you can place your hands on your heels. If it feels ok, release your head to the back. You can try one arm variation as well for both sides.
  • For an advanced variation, reach your arms up and over. Maybe you’d reach the floor one day!
  • For bow pose, stretch your upper tight and hips. Start with a one leg bow. Grab one ankle or foot. Extend the opposite arm forward and lift away from the floor. Then do the other side. For full bow pose, grab both feet, pull your knees off the earth. Press your feet away and lift your heart. Maybe you roll forward and to the back. 
  • Take a moment to shake your legs and soften your back.
  • For an advanced version, you can practice flipping the grip. And rise up! Make sure your shoulders are warmed properly. 
  • Find out which variation works for you or adjust it after a few breaths. 

 Enjoy your practice!

In this video, Kim is wearing our Surya copper legging & bra 🌟

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